TPE Taiwan Airport

Know About TPE Taiwan Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is one of the largest airports serving Taipei city. It is situated in the middle heart of the Asia-Pacific region. TPE Taiwan Airport is the primary getaway point to the globe because it serves as a prominent hub in Asia boasting an average flight duration of 175 minutes to the region’s five largest airports.


During 2022, when Taiwan’s borders were not fully open, TPE Taiwan Airport recorded a passenger volume of 5.3 million. However, in 2023, Taiwan airport passenger flow surged to 35.35 million. Therefore, it is one of the bustling airports in Asia efficiently managing significant international passenger and cargo volumes.

Airport Facilities Taiwan

  • Airport emergency response team

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has a proficient emergency response team with skillful personnel on standby prepared to deliver rescue and disaster protection services around the clock. TPE Taiwan Airport is like any other top-tier airport, ensuring passenger safety is the utmost priority.

  • Central security control system

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has a central security control system positioned right in the heart of the airport. This security system is linked with aviation police that robustly respond to any incident to ensure the safety of both passengers and property. The central security system typically monitors activities at terminals, handles operations, and deals with incidents and reporting.

  • Fire station

ICAO has declared the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport as Class 10 for firefighting capability. The TPE Taiwan Airport fire brigade trucks quickly reach the incident scene in typically 2-3 minutes. The fire team strictly meets the ICAO regulations for prompt initiation of firefighting and rescue operations.

  • Disaster Prevention and Response System

The disaster prevention team is well-trained to execute measures for significant disasters, including but not limited to floods, Air disasters, major fires, toxic chemicals, earthquakes, and tsunamis. In case of an actual disaster at TPE Taiwan Airport, the prevention and rescue mobilization plan facilitates the swift assembly of team members to implement various preventive and rescue measures.

Airport Amenities TPE

Airport amenities refer to the services that enhance the travel experience and make travel convenient for the passengers. Following is the list of airport amenities that Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is providing to the travelers.

Medical Clinic
+886-3-398-3486 The medical clinic operates from 08:30 AM to 8:30 PM, facilitating with health needs for travelers and staff.
Lactation and Nursery Room
+886-3-383-3116Nursery room is available 24/7, offering a convenient space for breastfeeding and childcare
Hifi Travel To Buy
+886-900-100-172Wi-Fi service operates from 04:30 AM to 11:00 PM, offering internet related purchases.
Plaza Premium Lounge+886-3-393-1796It is available from 05:00 AM to 11:00 PM, offering travelers a premium space.
Oriental Club Lounge
+886-3-398-3398It operates from 05:00 AM to 11:00 PM, providing a refined space to enjoy the layovers.
United Highway Bus+886-3-383-3552Bus ticket counter operates from 06:05 AM to 11:50 PM, facilitating ticketing services
Toward You Air Bus+886-980-284-977Bus service is available from 06:00 AM to 12:30 AM.
Lion travel+886-3-275-6168Domestic bus service available from 08:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Stay Capsule Hotel+886-3-383-4683The hotel offers around-the-clock accommodation services
Tax refund+886-800-880-288Tax refund services are available 24/7

Airport Facilities Taiwan:

Post Office+886-3-383-4603
Available from 9AM to 5PM
Cellular Service Center+886-3-383-3602It is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, providing assistance for mobile devices
Bank Of Taiwan+886-3-398-3505
It operates 24/7, for the continuous currency exchange services.
Payment of Customs Duty+886-3-398-2298Customs payments are accepted from 09:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Taiwan pelican Express Co.+886-3-263-9372It offers 24/7 luggage storage services
Taoyuan Airport MRT service counter+886-3-393-1969The service counter is open from 08:00 AM to 9:30 PM for assisting passengers.
Information Counter in departure+886-3-273-5086Information counter is available around the clock for the information and guidelines.
Sky trainIt operates 24/7 providing non-stop transportation.
Taiwan Life Insurance+886-3-393-2898Insurance services are accessible from 05:00 AM to 10:30 PM

TPE Airport Transportation

  • Passenger bus

There are two bus stops one at Terminal 1 located at B1 arrival hall and second bus stop at the outdoor gallery of 1f arrival hall at Terminal 2.

  • Taoyuan Airport MRT

Commuter trains operate roughly at 7.5-minute intervals both at A12 in Terminal 1 and A13 in Terminal 2.

  • Taxi

Taxi stands are available at Terminal 1’s Arrivals Hall 1F East Gate 12 and Terminal 2’s Arrivals Hall East Gate 26, across the car lane.

  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail

At High Speed railway station passengers can commute to both MRT and passenger bus services.

  • Car Rentals

Rental cars are available at terminal 1 (South/North sides) and terminal 2 (arrival hall north side)

  • Driving facilities

Construction of highways and freeways directly connect to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. In order to smooth out the journey, routes maps, real time traffic information, time schedule, bus fares, trains, flights, ferries are listed for the guide.

  • Terminal Transit Transportation

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has established sky train and shuttle bus service to provide transportation between Terminal 1 and 2. These transportation services are free and easy to commute for travelers and airport staff

  • Disability Transportation

Disabled persons can avail the wheelchair-accessible taxis and folding wheelchair at both terminals by dialing +886 3 3982832. Moreover, there are reserved parking slots at TPE airport parking area for disabled passengers with free single entry for one day.

Passenger Experience TPE

  • Art Gallery:

Terminal 2 has dedicated art gallery. If you have moments before your flight, you can explore the cultural and art display at Terminal 2.

  • Hello Kitty Store:

The terminal 2 offer a designated fun play area and gift shop for children featuring hello kitty theme.

  • Library:

TPE Taiwan Airport offers a book station consisting of variety of books with every genre from kids to adult-fiction. It’s a great opportunity if you are a bookworm and don’t want to spend your time scrolling.

  • Prayer rooms:

Prayer rooms are designated for Buddhist, catholic, Islamic and protestant community. Passenger can perform their prayers and rituals during layover.

  • TPE Airport Wi-Fi

Taiwan Taoyuan International airport offers Wi-Fi all over the vicinity of airport.

  • Free- Computer Space:

If you are at TPE Taiwan airport and you don’t have your iPad or laptop with you. You can still use free computers and free Wi-Fi. Because the airport provide computer usage space for the passengers.

  • Shower Facility:

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport offer free showers and refreshing amenities. You can take bath and get fresh during long layover or after long international flight.

  • Gym:

If you want to shed few calories or you don’t want to miss out on your treadmill session. Then TPE Taiwan Airport has got your back. It offer free gym facility to exercise and yoga.

  • Wheelchair Service:

If you are traveling with disabled person, pregnant mother or elderly individual you can take help from service desk to get you wheelchair service immediately.

Taiwan airport developments

Terminal 3

One of the major developments at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the opening of Terminal 3. The construction of Terminal is estimated to be around $3 billion and will cater a substantial increase of 45 million passenger volume annually. The terminal 3 will be operational in late 2024 or 2025.

Terminal 3 features unique design inspired by Taiwan’s landscapes to accommodate innovative facilities such incubation center for new technological advancements, Wi-Fi 5G and 6G coverage. Moreover the spacious design of terminal 3 accommodates self-service kiosks, self-bag drop and biometric verification for check-in and clearance process to give passengers a seamless experience.


Another TPE Taiwan Airport development is the construction of a third runway. The service for the construction will be provided by AECO. It’s the most prominent partner with CECI engineering consultants. Moreover, this initiative is aligned with Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Execution Plan upgrade project. The TPE Airport Master Plan 2040 features the satellite concourses, cargo and maintenance areas and a new Free Trade Zone.

The noteworthy developments include the relaunch of Taoyuan-Los Angeles route by Singapore Airline and Star lux Airlines expanding their services to fukuoka and announcing plans for flights to Mactan-cebu in the Philippines.

TPE airport terminal layout

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport features two main terminals. Terminal 1, the older facility accommodates primarily domestic flights while bunch of international flights as well. On the other side Terminal 2 is the new and larger terminal catering mostly to international flights.

The layout of Terminal 1 incorporates 18 gates, in which 10 are designated for domestic flights and remaining 8 for international flights. It provides amenities including restaurants, shops, ATMs, Currency exchange, post office, medical center, information window and lounges.

Terminal 2 comprises of 38 gates exclusively for international flights. It offers extensive array of amenities such as duty-free shops, lactation and nursery room, 24/7 Taiwan bank, custom payment center, tax refund office, shower facilities and diverse dining options. Both the terminals are efficiently connected to shuttle and sky train bus service which operates 24/7 for the seamless passenger travel experience.

TPE airport dining options

There are array of dining option for the travelers at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. You can enjoy international delights to local street foods. Burger king is the most perfect choice if you are fast food lover. People with a preference of authentic Taiwanese cuisines can enjoy their meal at Aoba Shoudo for sweet potato porridge or pork knuckles. Italian lovers can eat fresh and hormone-free meat at Piano Italian Restaurant.

Furthermore, TPE Taiwan airport offers multiple inviting bars and lounges such as SUNBAI bar, Plaza Premium Lounges and Q bar. Each provide a delightful experience to travelers to unwind and savor.

TPE airport lounges

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has variety of lounges that cater to different taste and needs. If you are a domestic traveler then Terminal 1 offers you Cathy Pacific Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone C & D) and Starlux Airlines Galactic Lounge.

But if you have a long layover or your flight has delayed Taiwan airport business lounges can give you the most personalized attention with upscale atmosphere and quite place with the delightful culinary options. TPE airport lounges includeChina Airline Supreme Lounge, The Club by EVA Air, Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Business Class Lounge and oriental Club Lounge. These premium lounge experiences can make your wait more enjoyable before the flight.

Taiwan airport duty-free shopping

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport provide a curated selection of premium brands and duty-free shopping. Both the terminals offer diverse range of products such as luxury goods, electronics, local souvenirs and cosmetic. At TPE airport shopping you can have high-end brands like Dior for designer clothing and accessories and Mac for cosmetic.

Moreover, the Taiwan airport duty-free shopping extends to premium liquor and tobacco products. Renowned names including kavalan whisky and international cigarettes brands. Travelers can find extensive selection of duty free products and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Taiwan airport check-in process

Check-in procedure start with submitting the tickets and passport at respective airline counters, followed by checking in the baggage. After that, boarding passes are given and baggage receipts are issued. Taiwan airport check-in process is completed when you pass your baggage from the X-ray inspection.

baggage handling

Passenger must ensure that their baggage have tags with their names, address and phone number in Chinese as well as in English. TPE airport baggage handling requirements are quite convenient. Passengers travelling to Europe, Asia and Australia are allowed to carry 20 kilograms. Passenger bound for North America are entitled to carry two pieces of free check-in baggage, each weighing less than 32 kilogram.

immigration procedures

After check-in, proceed to immigration with passports and boarding passes. Taiwan airport immigration procedures include the requirement of presenting original documents excluding the Taiwan residents. After clearance, head to boarding gates and waiting lounges.

airport customs procedures

Feel free to reach out to the custom service counter at (03) 398-3222 if you have any inquiries about TPE airport customs procedures or related to outbound or inbound declaration procedures, baggage or belongings.

airport security measures

In both terminals, men and women are separately queued for security inspections. TPE airport security measures typically start from placing your hand- carry items into X-ray cabinets and passenger must remove metallic items before though the sensor gates. Following the clearance, passenger enter the waiting lounges.

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