United Airlines Economy Plus

United Airlines Economy Plus

Whether you are a frequent flyer seeking upgraded comfort or a leisure traveler looking to make your trip extra special, Economy Plus ensures that every mile of your journey is met with satisfaction and ease. If you want to elevate your travel experience without breaking the bank, then United Airlines welcomes you with the value-added services with their Economy Plus.

In this article, we will delve into the exclusive perks of Economy Plus including extra legroom, complimentary checked baggage, and priority boarding.

On the Plan

Premium cabins
United Premium Plus
Economy Plus

Enhanced Seating

United Airlines is the epitome of comfort and convenience. The enhanced seating of Economy Plus comes with padding and support, providing more travel comfort throughout the flight.

Economy Plus flights are presented with more legroom and reclining space. Extra legroom not only allows for comfortable stretching but also facilitates productivity, enabling passengers to work on laptops as tray tables conveniently slide forward.

Each seat is equipped with a power outlet and USB charger. Moreover, Economy Plus seats are typically located in the prime sections of the aircraft, offering passengers favorable locations within the cabin, while aisle space also feels more accommodating.

In-Flight Services

United Airlines ensures that passengers traveling with them have the best possible customer satisfaction. Each seat is designed to resemble a private suite, adjustable seating, and a 16-inch high-definition screen provide access to a diverse library of entertainment options including movies, games, music, and series.

Passenger amenities

Passengers in Economy Plus are presented with amenity kits from their wellness partner, Therabody. These kits feature exclusive TheraFace products for skincare tailored specifically for United Airlines. The amenity kits are designed to enrich the travel experience, leaving passengers feeling refreshed and revitalized upon reaching their destination.

Value Added Services

Economy Plus passengers have access to value-added services like complimentary or discounted Wi-Fi, which allow them to stay connected during the flight.

Food and Beverages

Transatlantic and transpacific Flights between the U.S. and South American countries are served with complimentary alcoholic beverages. United’s Economy Plus offers distinct food options as compared to standard economy, including upgraded dining choices on long-haul international flights.

At the Airport

Free checked baggage

As a holder of a United-branded card, you are entitled to have your baggage fees waived when flying in Economy Plus. This means you can save money on baggage expenses and enjoy the convenience of traveling without additional charges.

United Club Lounge

Economy Plus provides discounted access to United Club lounges. These lounges boast ample seating, a charging outlet, complimentary Wi-Fi, and diverse choices of food. Some complimentary drinks are available at the bar and passengers can also enjoy a self-service food area and coffee machine. United Club Lounge offers a modern setting for passengers to unwind and relax before or after long layovers.

Flexible ticket changes

In terms of airline comfort, Economy Plus tickers may offer greater flexibility for adjusting travel dates as compared to standard economy. Passengers seated in Economy Plus accumulate more frequent flyer miles, leading to travel upgrades within loyalty programs.

Free Travel Upgrades with MileagePlus

United Airlines operates MileagePlus, a loyalty program that provides rewards and benefits to passengers who travel on specific types of tickets.

  • Premium Silver

If you are a premium silver member of MileagePlus, then you can have complimentary check-in for yourself and one companion.

  • Premier Gold

Premier Gold members can have free access to Economy Plus with one companion when booking their flights.

  • Premier Platinum and Premier 1k

Platinum members receive free access at the time of booking up to eight companions.

Passengers flying in Economy Plus on United Airlines are entitled to earn additional frequent flyer miles through the MileagePlus program. These miles can be utilized for future upgrades to premium cabin classes or for booking future flights. In addition, Economy Plus passengers can enjoy enhanced seating when adjusting their flight bookings.

Moreover, Mileage Premier Program members can reserve available Economy Plus seats at no extra cost. If you are not yet a member, sign up today and begin earning towards flight perks.


In conclusion, United Airlines’ Economy Plus delivers exceptional travel experience, surpassing the standard economy offerings. Economy Plus accommodates both frequent travelers seeking extra perks and leisure travelers aiming to enhance their journey’s enjoyment. If you seek flight comfort that goes beyond the standard economy class, United Airlines Economy Plus is the ideal choice for your next trip.

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