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Fly Jinnah, identified by the IATA code 9P and the ICAO code FJL, operates under the call sign “Fly Jinnah.” This airline, named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, is known for its distinctive brand. Fly Jinnah Airline offers domestic and international flights, prioritizing safety and exceptional service.

Redefining Air Travel in Pakistan with a Low-Cost Model

Fly Jinnah is an airline based in Pakistan founded on 3 September 2021. It is a joint venture between the Lakson Group and Air Arabia Group. It operates using a successful low-cost business model, focusing on providing comfortable, reliable, and affordable air travel. Fly Jinnah aims to give passengers good value for their money and ensure a positive flying experience.

Fly Jinnah has become a leading airline in Pakistan by focusing on quality service and meeting customer expectations. It benefits from the expertise of Iqbal Ali Lakhani, the chairman and the resources of the Lakson Group and Air Arabia Group. Fly Jinnah strives to serve a diverse range of customers and prioritize affordability and customer satisfaction.

Licenses were Granted and the Inaugural Flight Commenced

Fly Jinnah reached a significant milestone in its operations in July 2021. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority granted the airline a license, enabling it to offer both passenger and cargo services. In October 2022, Fly Jinnah further solidified its compliance with regulations and safety standards by obtaining an Air Operator Certificate and Operating License from the same authority. This demonstrated Fly Jinnah’s commitment to meeting industry requirements and ensuring the safety of its operations.

Fly Jinnah Airline Policies, License and Fleet – Aviation Looks

To mark its official launch, Fly Jinnah started its first flight between Karachi and Islamabad on October 31, 2022.  This was a significant moment for the airline as it began operating and connecting important places in Pakistan. By getting the required licenses and starting operations, Fly Jinnah demonstrated its commitment to meeting the strict rules set by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

Fleet of Fly Jinnah

The fleet of Fly Jinnah is formed by three Airbus A320-200 which is a narrow-body, twin-engine jetliner. It accommodates 150-180 passengers in a two-class layout or up to 220 passengers in a high-density setup. It offers passenger comfort and has a range of 3,300-3,700 nautical miles, suitable for short domestic and longer international flights.

The A320-200 is powered by CFM International CFM56 or International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines. It features advanced avionics systems like digital fly-by-wire controls, a Head-Up Display (HUD), and an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Safety features include anti-skid brakes, a ground proximity warning system (GPWS), and an enhanced weather radar. The cabin offers spaciousness, adjustable seats, and overhead storage bins. The A320-200 is flexible in serving various airports and destinations, from small regional airfields to major international hubs, making it an ideal choice for Fly Jinnah.

Destinations on which Fly Jinnah flies

Fly Jinnah offers an extensive network of destinations across Pakistan, connecting major cities and regional hubs. From the vibrant city of Karachi to the cultural hub of Lahore, the historic city of Peshawar, the capital city of Islamabad, and the picturesque Quetta, Fly Jinnah’s route map covers the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of Pakistan.

Ticket Price

Fly Jinnah offers affordable ticket prices, starting from 13,999 PKR. Passengers can take advantage of this competitive pricing while enjoying the convenience of a free 10 KG allowance on their hand baggage. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Fly Jinnah ensures that your journey remains cost-effective and provides the flexibility to carry essential items with you in the cabin.

Booking a Flight

When it comes to booking your flights, Fly Jinnah wants to make things easy for you. They really want you to book online because it’s simple and convenient. With just a few clicks, you can choose the flights you want, pick your seats, and handle all your bookings whenever you want. The online platform they have is designed to be easy for anyone to use. Plus, when you book online, you get access to the best travel deals and discounts they have available.

But, if you prefer talking to someone in person and getting advice on how to find cheap flights and special travel offers, Fly Jinnah has got you covered. They have sales centers all over the place, so no matter where you live, there’s probably one near you. These sales centers are like one-stop shops for all your travel questions and needs. You can go there and get help with anything related to your trip.

Office Location

If you’re in Islamabad and looking to visit Fly Jinnah’s sales center, you can find it at Unit 1D, Block R, Jinnah Avenue in the Blue Area of Islamabad. The office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, providing you with ample time to get all the assistance you need for your travel plans. To contact them, you can dial (021) 111-000-035.

For those residing in Karachi, you can visit the Fly Jinnah sales office located on the ground floor of Tower A, Technology Park, Plot No-8 Shahrah-E-Fasal. The office operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and can be reached at (021) 111-000-035 or +92 21 36102231.

In Peshawar, Fly Jinnah’s sales center is situated at Shop No 17-18, Ground Floor Cantt Mall, Sadar Road, Cantt. The office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, providing you with convenient access to their services. To contact them, you can dial 021-111000035.

No matter which city you’re in, Fly Jinnah’s sales centers are strategically located to serve your travel needs. Whether you have inquiries, need assistance with bookings, or want advice on securing the best travel deals, their friendly staff will be there to assist you.

Career Opportunities

Fly Jinnah currently has several career opportunities available. These include positions such as Cabin Crew Training Officer, A320 Senior First Officer – Fast Track Command, A320 Captain, A320 First Officer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Cabin Supervisor – LCC (Karachi Based)

Are you passionate about aviation? Seeking a dynamic career? Fly Jinnah’s opportunities await you! Contribute to their success and be part of a fast-growing airline in Pakistan. Join now!

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