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10 Cheapest General Aviation Planes


Here is the list of the 10 cheapest general aviation planes starting from $279,800 US – $850,000 US. Whether you’re a passionate aviator or dreaming of soaring through the skies, this guide will unveil affordable options that won’t drain your wallet. Get ready to discover the freedom of flight without compromising on your budget.

1. Diamond DA20 C1 (starts from $279,800 US)

The Austria aircraft manufacturing company introduced DA20 originally in 1992. The retail price of a standard equipped DA20-C1 starts from $279,800 US. The plane contains a fuel-injection system (engine) of 124hp Continental Motors IO-240. That comes with Sensenich 2-blade fixed pitch propeller with AVGAS 100LL fuel grades. The diamond has restarted production of DA20-C1, and in August 2020, it delivered brand new DA-20C1s. This plane has a comfortable, sporty cockpit of 2 seats, a fighter-like canopy, responsive center-stick pushrod controls, and comfortable bucket seats.

The plane’s maximum cruise speed is 130 knots, and the stalling speed of 45 knots CAS. The rate of climb is 830 ft/min from the mean sea level with Max—operating altitude of 13,100 ft. The wingspan is 35 ft 9 in, height 7 ft 1 in, and length 23 ft 9 in. The plane’s maximum take-off load is 1,764 Ib (800 kg) with useable fuel of 24 US gal/144, 4 Ibs. The Garmin 500TXi avionics system can provide multiple-display or a dedicated stand-alone PFD, MFD, or EIS display. Having all these features, the plane offers excellent climb and cruise performance, even at higher-density altitudes.

Moreover, this aircraft is FAA/TCCA utility category certification for flying on night VFR. This plane is used for primary training because it can do spin training. It’s also a perfect choice for private flying.

2. Tecnam P2010 ($345,000-$399,360)

The Tecnam p2010 is a four-seater, single-engine, high-wings light aircraft FAA / EASA certified plane. It was introduced in April 2011, with design and built-in Italy. The plane’s regular base price of $345,000, and it offers some additional features like autopilot mode so that the price would go up to $399,360. The plane is powered by a Lycoming IO-360 engine that uses AVGAS grade 91/96 fuel, giving a power output of 180 hp.

The plane carries a maxim weight of 2,557 Ib (1,160 kg), has a fuel capacity of 63 US Gal, and allows 88 Ib (40 kg) baggage weight. It climbs at 841 ft/min, a max cruise speed of 137 knots, and a stall speed of 52 knots. The plane range is 530 nm, and operates at a maximum altitude of 12,000 ft. It got a length of 25.98 ft with a height of 8.66 ft and a wingspan of 33.79 ft. The plane offers the twin-screen G1000 Nxi IFR, a new flat panel suit with an integrated GFC 700 autopilot Avionics system. This plane is the best choice for families or professionals due to its precise and easy handling.

3. Cessna 172 Skyhawk ($369,000 to $438,000 US)

The Cessna Skyhawk is the most popular single-piston tricycle landing gear. The plane cost between $369,000 to $438,000 US. The Cessna Skyhawk has a good reputation for being the ultimate training aircraft due to its high durability and long-life material equipped with lasted technology. The plane got a 180 hp IO-360-L2A Lycoming engine with 2 blade metal propeller.

The plane has the most straightforward flight characteristics, excellent visibility due to its high-level wings, and a sophisticated glass cockpit. The wingspan is 36 ft 1 in, height 8 ft 11 in, and length 27 ft 2 in. The Max. Capacity of 4 occupants with a baggage capacity of 120 Ib (54 kg). The plane’s Max take-off weight and Max landing weight is the same, i.e., 2,550 Ib (1,157kg). The Max. Cruise speed of 124 ktas (230 km/h) with a service ceiling of 14,000 ft. The top speed of 163 kias (302km/h). The stall speed of 48 kcal (89 km/h). The GARMIN G1000 Nxi avionic system with the advanced display is the lasted technology in an integrated cockpit. 

4. Diamond DA40 NG ($389,800-$494,765)

The DA40 NG is the latest model single-piston with tricyclic landing gears. Its cost between $389,800-$494,765 US. The plane is powered by Austro Engine AE 300, running on Jet A-1, Jet A, and TS-1 fuels, giving 168 hp. The maximum speed of 154 kts TAS at 14,000 ft, MCP, and 125 kts TAS cruise speed at 60% (14,000 ft). The rate of climb (ISA SL) of 649 ft/min, and the maximum operating altitude of 16,000 ft. The maximum take-off mass is 2,888 Ibs, with a fuel capacity totalling 39 US gal / 261 Ibs.

It’s also come with an auxiliary tank with a capacity of 11 US gal / 74 Ibs. The stall speed of 58 knots CAS and give a range of 940 nm at 60 %( including the auxiliary tank). The wingspan of 38 ft 3 in, the height of 6 ft 6 in, and the length of 26 ft 5 in. This is a solid choice among single-engine airplanes with the durable composite airframe, ultra-low fuel burn, and outstanding handling that make it unique from most other aircraft. Only one fatal accident per 1000 aircraft- per year, and it’s the best record in safety among single-engine aircraft.

5. Cirrus SR 20 ($454,900-$554,900 US)

The Cirrus SR 20 made its first flight on 21 March 1995, playing the role of light aircraft. The plan costs $454,900 and offers a premium package of $554,900. Some additional features like air conditioning, cirrus global connect, Hartzell lightweight carbon composite prop or Tanis avionics, and engine pre-heater are installed on demand. The SR 20 got an engine of Lycoming model IO-390-C3B6 having a 3-blade propeller with 215 hp. The plane got a max cruise speed of 155 ktas and a stall speed with flaps of 57 Kcas and operated at a max altitude of 17,500 ft.

The plane got a wingspan of 38 ft 4 in, a height of 8 ft 11 in, and a length of 26 ft. The flight deck is installed with Cirrus perspective+ by Garmin avionics, having 10″ screens and GFC 700 autopilot, with includes electronic stability and protection (ESP) dual ADAHRS, hypoxia check/automated descent Mode, blue level button, autopilot stall protection. The plane provides an outstanding level of safety with the cirrus airframe parachute system (CAPS).


6. Tecnam p2006T ($625,000 US)

The four-seater light twin-engine with high wings is an FAA / EASA-verified plane. The plane was introduced in 2010, an entire plane with retractable landing gear. It cost around $625,000 US. The plane got the engine of ROTAX 9912 s3 with a two-blade propeller that uses Mogas and Avgas fuel and gives power out of 200 hp. It got a Max cruise speed of 145 knots and a stall speed of 55 knots with a maximum altitude of 14,000 ft.

he plane climbs at the rate of 1036 ft/min and has a range of 650 nm. The maximum take-off weight is 2717 Ib (1230 kg), allowing 80 kg baggage weight and having a fuel tank capacity of 52.8 US Gal. Its length is 28.54 ft, with a height of 9.51 ft and a wingspan of 37.40 ft. Its high wings offer excellent visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage. It is made with aluminum airframes that make the plane very light, which results in low fuel consumption. The plane is installed with the latest G1000 Nxi IFR avionics technology with an integrated STEC-55 autopilot. The TAS 800 Garmin enhances the safety of flight in Tecnam P2006T.

7. Piper Seminole ($689,000)

The best piston twin-engine trainer is available anywhere. It was built in 2019 and of $689,000 US. The Piper Seminole got engines from Lycoming IO-360-B1G6 Flat-Rated with Hartzell scimitar 2-blade propeller at 180 hp. The plane has a fuel capacity of 108 US Gal (409 L). The Max Range of 700 nm, and the Max cruise speed of 162 ktas with a 2,200 ft take-off distance. The plane got a length of 27 ft 7 in. height of 8 ft 5 in, and a wingspan of 38 ft 6 in. Its flight deck is installed with the GARMIN G1000 NXI avionics suite, now the most successful avionic system. 

The suite includes a GTX 345R transponder, Garmin G5 standby, Garmin safe taxi, flite chart, etc. It also offers additional equipment like GFC 700 autopilot and GTS 800 traffic advisory system: surface watch, and much more. The interior is designed to give you maximum comfort and durability in mind. It has ergonomic seating that keeps the students and instructors relaxed, making them focus on their flight and lesson. Air conditioning is available as an option. The Piper Seminole got extraordinary safety features like electronic stability protection (ESP), a blue button for automatic level mode, under-speed protection (USP), and Coupled Go-Around. All these features will help you make yourself and the plane safe and secure.

8. Beechcraft G36 Bonanza (Starts from $777,000)

The power engine from continental aerospace technologies model IO-550-B with 300 hp and the propeller of 3 blades metal by Hartzell. This variant was introduced in 2006 and is the latest variant since 1947. The cost of a bonanza starts from $777,000. 

The maximum climb rate of 1,230 fpm, and the maximum speed limit is 205 kias (308 km/h). The plane gives a maximum cruise speed of 176 ktas (326 km/h) with a 920 nm Max range and a stall speed of 59 kcas (109 km/h). The plane can carry 6 occupants with a baggage capacity of 70 Ib (32 kg). The length is 27 ft 6 in, 8 ft 7 in, and the wingspan is 33 ft 6 in. The maximum take-off weight and maximum landing is the same, which is 3.650 Ib (1,656 kg). The Bonanza G36 installed with GARMIN G1000 Nxi is one of the most successful avionics systems ever created. 

9. Cessna 206 turbo Stationair HD ($747,500)

The Cessna 206 turbo Stationair HD comes with the power plant of Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A with 3-blade metal with an output of 310 hp. The base aircraft price is $747,500 US, but the average price is $900,000. The plane got a maximum cruise speed of 161 katas and a stall speed of 57 kcal. The service ceiling of 26,000 ft and has a maximum range of 703 nm. It carries a maximum of 6 passengers with a Max baggage weight of 180 Ib (82 kg). The length is 28 ft 3 in, the height is 9 ft 4 in, and the wingspan is 36 ft. The maximum take-off weight is 3,789 Ib, and the maximum payload of 1,235 Ib. The plane is equipped with the latest technology avionics, the GARMIN G1000Nxi. The plane got certification from FAA / EASA and VFR flight rules. 

10. Cirrus SR 22T ($779,900-$850,000 US)

The plan cost is $779,900 US, and it offers some packages like cirrus awareness ($30,900), cirrus advantage ($34, 900), etc., also with additional options like air conditioning, Tanis avionics and engine pre-heater that add up the cost so around $850,000 the average price for Cirrus SR 22T. The plane got the engine from the continental model TSIO-550-K, Turbocharged with 315 hp.

The plane offers a maximum cruise speed of 213 katas and a maximum operating altitude of 25,000 ft with a 1,021 nm maximum range (55 % power). The interior is very stylish, with five seats, a comfortable lifestyle, and an air-conditioned environment. The new safety innovative system, including Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), provides a wide layer for the pilot and passengers’ safety. The aircraft has a 38 ft 4 in wingspan, height of 8 ft 11 in, and length of 26 ft. The flight deck got the latest avionics with dual flight displays, making you aware of the situation, and a fully digital autopilot system.

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