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The 10 Best Business Jets in the world

When it concerns high-end traveling, performance, and prestige, the very best business jets set the criterion for executive air travel. These business jets deal unmatchable comfort, innovative technology, and the ability to get to international destinations promptly and smoothly. Whether for business usage or individual traveling, the very best business jets supply an extraordinary flying experience, incorporating rate and variety with luxurious interiors and modern amenities.

1. Dassault Falcon 10X

The Falcon 10X is an intercontinental business jet for long-range travel. The plane is in the development stage and is planned to be introduced in the service by 2025. It is manufactured in France by Dassault Aviation. The price is estimated to be around $75 million. The maximum speed is Mach 0.925, with a max altitude of 51,000 ft. The range of Falcon 10X is 7,500 nautical miles. 2 Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X Engines power the jet with next next-generation flight deck.

Falcon 10X will be a new leader in the large business jet categories. Having sheet size and infinite possibilities for cabin adjustment that elevate comfort, style, and flexibility to its interior design. The flight deck incorporates digital flight control technology and is more capable and precise for smooth handling. The safety factor is enhanced with automated protection and FalconEye that help the pilot in the worst weather conditions. All combined features of Falcon 10X increase situational awareness.


Range at Mach .857,500 nm / 13 890 km
MMO (Maximum Mach Operating speed)Mach .925
Maximum Certified Altitude51,000 ft
Landing Distance< 2,500 ft
Maximum Takeoff Weight115,000 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight67,800 lbs
Maximum Fuel Weight51,700 lbs
Wing Span110 Ft 3 In
Length109 Ft 7 In
Height27 Ft 7 In
Flight DeckFalcon Digital Flight Control System

2. Bombardier Challenger 650

The Challenger 650 is the Bombardier’s best-selling jet, with more than 1,000 deliveries. The reason for becoming the best-selling jet is due to its worldwide reach with the lowest operating cost which provides the ultimate value proposition. The Challenger 650 came into service in 2014 and is still in the production unit. The Challenger 650 contains a GE CF34-3B MTO turbofan engine that provides a combined thrust of 9,220 pounds and a range of over 4,000 nm (London to New York). The Challenger 650 delivers a safe and peace-of-mind ride as its dispatch reliability is 99.9 percent.

The Challenger 650 has a cabin length of 25.6 ft from the cockpit bulkhead to the lavatory aft (excluding baggage). The cabin is 2 zonal and has an optional crew jump seat. The direct operating cost of Challenger 650 is around $3,365 per hour. The flight deck is incorporated with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 advanced avionic technology, with the option of a heads-up display (HUD).


Range4085 nm
MMO (Maximum Mach Operating speed)Mach 0.82
Maximum Certified Altitude41,000 ft
Landing Distance2,402 ft
Take-off Distance5,640 ft
Maximum Takeoff Weight48,200 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight32,000 lbs
Wing Span64.4 ft
Length68.4 ft
Height6 ft
Flight DeckRockwell Collins Pro Line 21

3. Bombardier Global 8000

The Global 8000 is the fastest private business jet, having a top speed of Mach 0.94 and an 8,000 nm range. The Global 8000 is the best fit for those seeking speed, range, reliability, and a healthier jet for their travel. The flight deck of Global 8000 is equipped with next-generation fly-by-wire technology that provides remarkable comfort and control to the pilot. The plane is in the development stage and is planned to be introduced in the service by 2025.

The Global 8000 is powered by GE Passport, which provides a thrust of 18,920 lbs. The cabin length is 11 feet long, which looks like two jets combined in one. The operating cost of Global 8000 will be around $4,900 per hour. The gauge seats in the cabin will be the first zero-gravity seats for providing physical well-being regarding back support.


Range8,000 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.94
Service Ceiling51,000 ft
Take-off Distance5,670 ft
Landing Distance2,237 ft
Wing span104 ft
Height27 ft
Length111 ft
Flight Deck

4. Embraer Linage 1000E

TheLinerage 1000E is the lowest-cost VIP jet, with a price of $54M in the market. The cabin is 20 feet long and is different into 5 zonal cabins, providing a feeling of home in the sky. THE Honeywell Primus epic avionic suite in the flight deck provides fly by wire control system. The operating cost of Lineage 1000E is around $5,827 per hour. The jet is powered by GE CF34-10E7-B engines that provide total trust combined trust of 18,500 Ibf.

Range4,600 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.82
High-Speed Cruise472 ktas
Service Ceiling41,000 ft
Take-off Distance6,076 ft
Landing Distance2,450 ft
Wing span94.2ft
Height6.6 ft
Length119 ft
Flight DeckHoneywell Primus Epic

5. HondaJet-Elite-II

The HondaJet Elite-II is the fastest jet, having a long-range and the highest flying altitude as compared to other jets in its class. It is also more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly than other similar size business jets. The Honda has incorporated innovative design, including a natural laminar flow nose and wing and a unique over-the-wing engine mount configuration in Elite-II. The Elite-ll is powered by GE Honda / HF120 engines that provide a total thrust of 2050 lbs.


Top SpeedMach 0.82
High-Speed Cruise422 ktas
Service Ceiling43,000 ft
Take-off Distance3,699 ft
Landing Distance2,717 ft
Wing span39.76 ft
Height14.90 ft
Length42.62 ft
Flight DeckGarmin G3000

6. Citation XLS Gen2

The Citation XLS is one of the top-selling mid-size private jets having a transcontinental range, landing and departing through smaller airports, contributing to comfort and offering extravagant amenities. The XLS Gen2 jet’s cabin encompasses an appealing interior with ample space, comfortable leather seating, magnifying lightning tone, updated technology incorporating wireless smartphone charging, and a well-structured cabin management system.

The remarkable performance efficiency of XLS+ is all powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. The technological advancement of the system includes XM WX Satellite Weather Data Service and detection system, forecasting weather and assisting pilots and co-pilots with situational awareness. Pilots can also observe NEXRAD overlays on satellite imagery, Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in both a graphical and textual manner, winds aloft, and cloud-to-cloud lightning with statistics on strikes refreshed every five minutes. Any altitude can access images and data, which are analyzed using a receiver included with a Head-Up Display (HUD) technology and then saved in the file server unit (FSU) for quick access. These Citation XLS+’s intelligence makes it smarter.


Range2,100 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.75
High-Speed Cruise441 ktas
Service Ceiling45,000 ft
Take-off Distance3,600 ft
Landing Distance3,180 ft
MTOW20,330 lb
Maximum Payload2,370 lb
Maximum Passenger12 Pax
Wing span56 ft 4 in
Height17 ft 2 in
Length52 ft 6 in
Flight DeckCollins Aerospace Pro Line 21

7. Gulfstream G800

TheG800 is the world’s longest-range jet, offering nonstop destinations with the industry’s most aerodynamic wing and high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines working together to propel to new locations more quickly while using less fuel and emitting less pollution.

G800 ultra-long cabin configuration accommodates both business and leisure travelers with an exquisite interior with signature panoramic windows, for filling the cabin with natural light and plasma-ionization clean air technology that regenerates and purifies the air every two to three minutes to enjoy the fresh air. It consists of a crew of three to four and is propelled by two Rolls Royce Pearl 700 engines that produce 18,250 lbs each. It also has the Symmetry Flight Deck, which has active side stick controls, a head-up display with synthetic vision, and many other cutting-edge technological capabilities.


Range8,000 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.90
Service Ceiling51,000 ft
Take-off Distance6,000 ft
Landing Distance3,180 ft
MTOW105,600 lb
Maximum Payload6,200 lb
Maximum Passenger15 Pax
Wing span103 ft
Height25 ft 6 in
Length99 ft 9 in
Flight DeckGulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck

8. Embraer Phenom-300E

Phenom 300E is the upgraded version of the Phenom 300 series, which gives the longest-range single-pilot jet in the business aircraft category. The Phenom 300E private jet offers significant flight performance, quality, and comfort. It has a delicate and iconic cabin interior incorporating air stairs and oversized windows, piano-black coloring, and refined stitching design using carbon-fire materials to minimize overall aircraft weight. The in-flight features include Gogo Avance L5 advanced technology, enabling passengers to audio stream while using 4g internet service.

The Phenom 300E is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E1 engines, each with a maximum thrust of 3,478 lb. This private jet is the most revolutionary business jet Because of its flawless fusion of performance, comfort, and technology.


Range1,971 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.78
High-Speed Cruise447 ktas
Service Ceiling45,000 ft
Take-off Distance3,138 ft
Landing Distance2,200 ft
MTOW18,387 lb
Maximum Payload2,637 lb
Total Seats9
Wing span52.16 ft
Height16.75 ft
Length51.2 ft
Flight DeckProdigy Touch (G3000)

9. Embraer Praetor 600

Praetor 600 is a Brazilian aircraft built by Embraer as a mid-size business. It is powered by a 36-150 auxiliary power unit (APU) and Honeywell’s dependable and effective HTF7500E turbofan engine. This cutting-edge aircraft also features active turbulence reduction, side-stick controls that reduce pilot workload and make maintenance easier, best-in-class cabin altitude, and ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. The cockpit has a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion flight deck with a head-up display, improved vision, and synthetic vision.


Range1,971 nm
Top SpeedMach 0.83
High-Speed Cruise466 ktas
Service Ceiling45,000 ft
Take-off Distance4,717 ft
Landing Distance2,165 ft
MTOW42,857 lb
Maximum Payload1,497 lb
Total Seats12
Wing span70.54 ft
Height21.13 ft
Length68.04 ft
Flight DeckRockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion

10. Nextant 604XT

The Nextant Aerospace Challenger 604XT is a significant improvement over its forerunner. It was created with assistance from Bombardier, the company that made the Challenger 604 in the first place. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion is equipped in the flight deck with a variety of cabin upgrades, including the 604XT. In comparison to the priceless flight deck, the new avionics suite will have additional advantages.

To increase situational awareness and lighten the workload, it will include 3 large displays, touch-sensitive interactive maps with forward-looking flight design, artificial vision, high-resolution terrain maps, periodic airborne radar coverage, and special airspace use and search patterns to expand situational awareness. Extremely low noise levels are believed to exist in the cabin, which is also hoping to get more cutting-edge connectivity.


Range4,524 nm
High-Speed Cruise468 ktas
Service Ceiling41,000 ft
Take-off Distance5,640 ft
Landing Distance3,831.9 ft
MTOW48,199 lb
Maximum Payload1,263 lb
Total Seats11
Height20 ft 7 in
Length68 ft 3 in
Flight DeckRockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion

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