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Archer Aviation-Maker eVTOL Aircraft

The Archer is a company that is developing electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Their mission is to have advanced and sustainable aircraft for air mobility. Their primary focus is to carry people around the cities with quick, safe, efficient, and affordable means. The Archer aviation aircraft are looking forward to coming to the market around 2024. A great step in the future of air mobility.

Maker Aircraft

The electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is used for urban air mobility. The aircraft contains 6 battery packs that power 12 motors and each motor is independently connected to have a high level of safety. These motors are attached to a fixed wing. The front 6 motors are movable which helps aircraft to have forward and vertical movement. The last 6 motors can’t be moved so, they only help in vertical motion. The aircraft has the capability to fly at the speed of 150 mph with a range of 60 miles including battery reserves.


The aircraft has got a lightweight carbon fiber composite structure. This airframe is nicely designed to support flight and ground loads. The aircraft got two sensors for measuring height above ground. A radar altimeter and a laser altimeter. The Archer’s Meru battery is equipped with a thermal management system that enables fast charging and an extended life cycle. The battery gives an optimal balance between power and energy for maximum range. The avionics system has four flight control computers for eliminating even a single failure. The redundant inertial navigation, GNSS, and AGL sensors provide reliable information to the pilot for safe and simple operations. The Archers have also looked at the noise sector and got pretty much success in it. The aircraft have 45 DBA which is similar to the sound of running a refrigerator.  So, this aircraft is virtually inaudible while flying overhead.


The aircraft gives a first-class flying experience with its ample legroom, ergonomic seat, and 270-degree view. The wrap-around window design provides an aerial ridesharing experience and delivers an extraordinary flight.


They are designing the aircraft from scratch to achieve a high level of utilization. The technology, avionics system, and independent electric propulsion provide a great level of safety for the flight. Moreover, Maker aircraft has received a special airworthiness certificate from FAA and achieved the first successful hover flight.

Maker Specification

Battery75 kWhWeight1,5808 kg
Aerodynamics11.3 L/DDisplay13” passenger touch screen
Emission100% electric zero emissionsTop speed150 mph
Range60 milesHover power325 kW

Cost of Archer Aviation Aircraft

After seeing the structure, avionics system, and propulsion this aircraft has a very much reasonable and convenient price. The total cost for the manufacturing of archer aircraft is around $2 million dollars. The avionic suit is very expensive in it. The maintenance cost due to the installation of advanced technology is very easy and also cheaper.


United Airline

One of the best airlines is a partner with Archery to help them achieve their objectives. The United airline had already given a purchase order of $1 billion. The CEO of united airlines Scott Kirby tells the reason for joining the archery network. United Airlines’ primary focus is on sustainability and a 100% green environment. As the archer gives a 50% reduction in CO2 emission per passenger so, that is why adding more. The United airline mostly fly to the busiest hub airport and our passenger journey should not be limited to just the airport but dropping to their ultimate destination so, making it much easier, faster, and more convenient for our customers.

Fly freely

The United with the help of archer aircraft will launch trips of major airport hubs. This would be the next step of making travel easier and more efficient within urban areas than cars and taxis.


Stellantis is a multinational automaker corporation that works with 18 different auto brands. Together they built different vehicles that include luxury, premium, mainstream passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.

By utilizing the supply chain network of Stellantis the cost of production will reduce. While at the same time the aircraft manufacturing output increases.

Building a Fleet

Archer with their partnership with Stellantis is going to scale the aircraft production. Around 2023 they are going to manufacture consumer aircraft and their plan is to make 5,000 aircraft in 1 decade. Archer will enhance urban air mobility by producing reliable and affordable aircraft.

Accelerating Innovative

Archer Aviation produces innovative aircraft design by virtue of Stellantis design expertise. The advanced materials and design will help the Archer achieve great speed in the development of eVTOL.

Pre-determined Routes

From Manhattan, NY to Newark International Airport, NJ this will take 5 min instead of 1 hour. Hollywood, CA to Los Angeles International Airport again 5 minutes instead of 40 min. From Wrigley Field to Chicago O’Hare airport this would take 8 minutes instead of 30 min.

Why Archer Aviation Aircraft?

As we all know traffic is one of the major issues worldwide. Everything is happening very quickly and nobody has time to waste. We live in the 3D world yet our transportation is stuck in 2D. We need a sustainable form of transportation, electric cars are no doubt a good solution but still don’t solve the traffic issue. Now we need to move to the air and no doubt in the coming decades we see our self-flying moving in the air. So, the Archers are working with the regulators to accomplish the solution of this problem.

How Archer will Operate?

Archers are going to design, manufacture and operate the aircraft through their own network. By utilizing the existing infrastructure and seeking permission for eVTOL on different helipads, rooftops, land parcels, and parking lots. The landing area needs for aircraft is 50 ft in diameter and Archer is struggling to seek permission for their operations. The aircraft will operate at 2,000 ft above ground level. The Archers plan to utilize 30% of the battery on each trip so, the battery will take around 10 min to get charged and get ready for the next trip. The aircraft will have 40 flights per day.

Future Steps for Archer Aviation Aircraft

As time passes the technology gets better so does the performance. The aircraft’s primary part is a battery and as soon as we get advanced battery this system will enhance further. We will get more power and energy and as a result more speed and more distance. There will be a huge demand for these air taxis.

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