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10 Busiest Airports in the World 2022

The ACI (Airport Council International) has published a report in which it describes the top busiest airports of 2022.

1. Atlanta GA US (ATL)

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, often referred to simply as ATL, holds the distinction of being the world’s busiest airport. It helps more than 100 million people travel to various places every year, both within the United States and around the world. Surprisingly, even though it deals with so many travelers, it’s good at staying organized and efficient.

In 2021, ATL handled about 75.7 million passengers, and over 725,500 flights took off or landed there. Then in 2022, the airport also managed to handle 730,000 metric tons of cargo and mail. All of this hard work led to the airport making a lot of money, with operating revenue reaching a whopping $538.04 million.

2. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport serves as the primary international airport for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the wider North Texas Region in the state of Texas. In 2022, the DFW ranked as the second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, accommodating approximately 73 million passengers.

In the past three years, DFW Airport has experienced significant growth driven by a customer-focused strategy. Then in 2022, they invested in safety and efficiency improvements, including new gates in Terminal C and end-around taxiways. These investments, coupled with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, contributed to increased capacity from airline partners. That makes DFW accessible to a total of 265 destinations worldwide.

3. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, often referred to as DEN, boasts the distinction of being the largest airport in the United States in terms of land area and stands as the second-largest globally. At present, DEN serves as the operational base for 25 different airlines. Collectively it offers non-stop flights to 215 destinations across different continents. Notably, it was among the pioneering airports in the United States to provide access to more than 200 destinations.

In the realm of global airport rankings, Denver International Airport holds the third position among the top 10 busiest airports worldwide. Within this international context, DIA closely trails behind Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth as one of the world’s busiest airports.

4. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport, known as ORD, is the primary airport serving Chicago, Illinois, situated on the city’s Northwest Side, catering to the broader Chicago Metropolitan Area. The airport stands out with a total of 8 runways, enabling it to manage approximately 2,700 flight operations daily. It serves as a hub airport for American Airlines and United Airlines.

In more recent data, during January 2023, Chicago O’Hare International Airport experienced notable activity, serving 2,371,091 passengers. This marked a substantial 30.40% increase compared to January 2022 when it accommodated 1,818,256 passengers.

5. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport serves as a vital global aviation hub, offering modern infrastructure and services that connect passengers to 260 destinations worldwide. It stands as one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing hubs for both passengers and cargo, catering to over 100 airlines through its four terminals, accommodating an annual passenger count exceeding 90 million.

In 2022, Dubai International Airport (DXB) maintained its status as the world’s busiest international passenger hub for the ninth consecutive year. DXB has raised its 2023 passenger forecast to 78 million, reflecting its significant growth. This remarkable increase of 127% in passenger numbers in 2022 compared to the previous year (66 million), along with the fourth-quarter traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, highlights DXB’s resilience and strong recovery trajectory.

6. Los Angeles Airport – LAX

LAX, or Los Angeles International Airport, acts as California’s key international gateway. It boasts nine passenger terminals and serves as a vital gateway to the United States. Approximately 88% of travelers at LAX either start or end their journeys there, while 12% use it as a connecting hub for international destinations in East and Southeast Asia, Australasia, Mexico, and Central America.

LAX, holds the sixth position among the world’s busiest airports. In 2022, LAX experienced a notable increase in passenger volume, reaching approximately 65.29 million annual passengers (MAP), marking a 37.32% rise from the previous year. Furthermore, the international passenger volume at LAX in 2022 reached about 16.52 MAP, representing a substantial 107.40% increase compared to the 7.97 MAP recorded in 2021

7. Istanbul Airport 

Istanbul Airport, located in the Arnavutköy district is the primary international airport of Istanbul. It operates as a central hub for Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cargo, facilitating connections to 114 different countries. It garnered recognition as the busiest airport in Europe and the 7th busiest globally, hosting a total of more than 64 million passengers. Impressively, it holds the 5th position globally for international passenger traffic, having served over 48 million international travelers, as per ACI World traffic statistics.

8. Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, officially known as London Heathrow Airport, is situated approximately 14 miles (23 km) to the west of Central London in UK. It has recently regained its status as one of the world’s top 10 busiest airports, a position it lost during the pandemic. After around two years of reduced activity, Heathrow had fallen to 54th place in the global rankings. However, it has now made a remarkable comeback, climbing back to the 8th spot, which is the most significant improvement recorded among all airports. In 2022, London Heathrow Airport experienced a remarkable 217% increase in passenger numbers, with a total of 61.6 million travelers passing through its terminals, a substantial surge compared to the previous year.

9. Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport) serves as the exclusive airport for New Delhi. It accommodates approximately 59.5 million passengers annually.

10. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, commonly known as CDG, stands as France’s largest and most active international airport. Positioned as a significant entry point to both the French capital and the broader European region, it plays a pivotal role in global air travel. In 2022, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport welcomed approximately 57 million passengers. That is a substantial 119% increase compared to the 2021 figure of around 26 million passengers.

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