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10 Best Commercial Freighter Aircraft of the World


Freighter aircraft, from the Airbus A350F to Boeing’s 777-8 Freighter, are reshaping cargo transport while offering efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability. The Boeing 777 Freighter and Airbus A330-200F cater the diverse cargo needs, while the Boeing 767-300 and 737-800 BCF handle various routes. For medium-distance cargo, the Airbus A321P2F provides flexibility. In this connected world, these freighters keep goods moving efficiently through the skies.

Airbus A350F

In 2021, Airbus introduced a groundbreaking addition of the A350 Freighter program to the world. This innovative large-body freighter aims to redefine air cargo transportation. It boasts an impressive payload capacity of 109 tons powered by highly efficient Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.

The remarkable feature of the A350F is its long range, capable of covering up to 4,700 nautical miles. One standout feature of the A350 Freighter is its state-of-the-art design with an extra-large cargo door. This XL door can accommodate oversized cargo items and aero engines with ease. This efficiency not only translates to substantial cost savings, potentially adding up to $21 million in extra revenue. This positions the A350 Freighter as a crucial player in meeting the stringent 2028 ICAO CO2 standards.

Airbus A330-200F

In 2010, Airbus rolled out the A330-200, a perfect mid-size freighter for the modern world. Derived from the Airbus A330 jetliner family, it boasts a standout feature. The A350 Freighter can carry a maximum payload of 233 tons more than any other freighter in its category. With an impressive range of 7,400 nautical miles, A330-200F is an exceptionally efficient choice for today’s cargo needs.

The A330-200F with its large main deck cargo door seamlessly accommodates all standard pallets and containers. Turkish Airlines leads the way by incorporating the A330-200F into their cargo division. They are closely followed by Etihad Airways, AviancaTaca, and Hong Kong Airlines.

This aircraft has transformed the freight industry through its consistent reliability and profitability. Airbus Global Market Forecast predicts that the A330-200F will impressively satisfy the demand of upcoming freighters. It will do so while maintaining its reputation for reliable, flexible, and profitable operations

Airbus A330P2F

The A330-300P2F is a passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion of the Airbus A330-300 wide-body airliner. It offers advantages over other P2F conversions, including large cargo capacity, long-range, and fuel efficiency.

The A330-300P2F can carry up to 63 tons of payload with a maximum range of up to 6,750 kilometers. It allows A330P2F to operate on long-haul routes. The A330-300P2F has three engine options: General Electric CF6, Pratt & Whitney PW4000, and Rolls-Royce Trent 700.

The A330-300P2F is also a popular choice for airlines because it is a relatively cost-effective option. Converting an existing A330-300 passenger plane to a freighter is much cheaper than buying a new freighter aircraft.

Airbus A321P2F

The A321P2F is a modified version of the A321 aircraft, designed specifically for cargo transport. It entered into service in the year 2020. This unique freighter aircraft offers operators a choice between two engine types. It can be equipped with either two IAE V2530-A5 engines or two CFM-56-5B1 engines. This flexibility caters to various operational requirements.

One remarkable feature of the A321P2F is its impressive cargo capacity. It can carry a substantial load of up to 27 tons of freight. The distinguishing feature of A321P2F is its ability to accommodate containerized loading in both the main and lower decks. This dual-container loading capability makes it highly efficient and convenient for cargo operators. It allows for the easy transportation of various goods over distances of up to 3,518 kilometers.

Boeing 777-8 Freighter

The state-of-the-art design of the Boeing 777-8 Freighter was unveiled in 2022. It is the newest and most advanced freighter aircraft in the world. The 777-8 Freighter can carry up to 112 tons of cargo. Which makes 777-8F the highest payload freighter with the largest twin-engine in the world.

The 777-8 Freighter has a range of up to 8,745 nautical miles. It allows one to fly long-haul routes without refueling. The B777-8 Freighter features GE9X high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines that are more efficient. These engines reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% compared to its predecessor, the 777F. According to the speculations, the deliveries of B77708 will commence in 2027.

Boeing 777 Freighter

The Boeing 777 Freighter entered service in 2009. It relies on the thrust of two General Electric GE90-110B engines to achieve its impressive performance. The 777 Freighter max payload capacity is 100 tons. It can also cover impressive distances, with a range of up to 9,750 nautical miles

B777 Freighter is one of the most fuel-efficient freighter aircraft in the world. It has a fuel efficiency of 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers per ton. It is the best-selling freighter aircraft in the world, with over 300 orders placed since its introduction.

The 777 Freighter is popular with airlines because it offers a combination of high payload capacity, long-range, and fuel efficiency. Airlines that operate B777-Frieghter are Cathay Pacific Cargo, FedEx Express, Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo.

Boeing 767-300 Freighter

The 767-300F freighter is based on the successful 767-300ER extended-range twinjet passenger airliner. It entered service in 1995. It is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2B6F engines. This aircraft is known for being relatively easy to operate and maintain. Some of its additional features include a wide cargo compartment, a large cargo door, and an advanced cargo loading system. It has a maximum payload capacity of 59 tons and can fly a maximum range of 6,600 nautical miles.

The 767-300 Freighter is popular with airlines because it offers a combination of good payload capacity, range, and fuel efficiency. Airlines that operate the B767-300 include DHL Express, Air China Cargo, and Asiana Airlines Cargo. This versatile aircraft is well-suited for various cargo transportation needs.

737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter

The Boeing 737-800 BCF is a modified edition of the passenger 737-800 aircraft. It has been transformed into a dedicated cargo carrier. Its introduction into service took place in the year 2018

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the 737-800 BCF is its narrow body. Which makes it particularly well-suited for shorter to medium-distance flights. This spacious cargo room can efficiently accommodate a substantial amount of goods. Impressively, it can transport a maximum payload of 23 tons and travel as far as 2,000 nautical miles. This reliability makes it an excellent choice for transporting cargo on relatively shorter to medium-range journeys.

B747-8 Freighter

The Boeing 747-8 Freighter is a spacious and robust cargo aircraft, ideally suited for long-haul cargo journeys. Its service debut occurred in 2011. This aircraft is propelled by two General Electric GEnx-2B67 engines. These engines provide it with substantial power.

One of its notable features is its remarkable payload capacity, capable of carrying up to 226,000 pounds of cargo. Additionally, it boasts an impressive range, allowing it to cover distances of up to 9,750 nautical miles. Its distinctive feature is its high efficiency. It boasts a fuel consumption that’s up to 16% better than its predecessor, the 747-400F.

A300-600ST Beluga

The Airbus A300-600ST Beluga is a special-purpose freighter aircraft use for transporting large and oversized cargo. It’s based on the Airbus A300-600 passenger plane but extensively modified to meet its unique cargo requirements.

The Beluga has a distinctive “whale-like” fuselage, much wider than a standard A300-600’s fuselage. This width allows it to carry large items such as aircraft components, satellites, and wind turbines. It has a maximum payload capacity of 44 tons and can fly a maximum range of 4,000 kilometers. A300-600 is equip with four General Electric CF6-80C2A engines.

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