Airbus A330-900

Inside the Airbus A330-900: Features and Specifications

Airbus developed the A330-900 a wide-body airliner, to meet the growing demand for more advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft in the long-haul market. It is a member of the Airbus A330neo family and represents a modernized version of the A330. It is offering better performance, enhanced comfort, and improved fuel efficiency.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the features and capabilities of the Airbus A339-900. That help in exploring why it has become a popular choice among airlines around the world.

Launch of A330-900

The Airbus A330-900 was launched at a high-profile unveiling event at the 2014 Farnborough Airshow. Where the aircraft was showcased to potential customers and industry insiders. It was designed as an upgraded version of the A330 with enhancements to efficiency and passenger comfort.

What’s new about A330-900?

A330-900 features a high-span wing with composite Sharklet, composite nacelle, Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engine, and advanced cockpit systems. Its design allows for up to 25% less fuel burn per seat and lower CO2 emissions compared to previous A330 models. These innovations make the A330-900neo a more sustainable and efficient option for airlines, benefitting both the environment and their bottom line. Its spacious cabin accommodates up to 460 passengers, making it an ideal choice for airlines that prioritize passenger comfort and experience.

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Airbus’ Airspace cabin philosophy is showcased in the A330-900, offering passengers a spacious and comfortable environment with wide seats, ambient lighting, and in-flight entertainment including Wi-Fi capabilities. The Airspace cabin is built on four pillars: comfort, ambiance, services, and design. It incorporates signature elements developed by Airbus for a luxurious experience. The A330-900 offers personal space, a unique welcome area, and advanced technology for short, medium, and long-haul flights.


Cabin length50.36 m
Fuselage width5.64 m
Overall length63.66 m
Wing span64 m
Max passenger seating460
Seating Typical Three-class260-300
Cargo capacity33 LD3 or 9 pallets + 5 LD3
Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 Engine72,834 lbf
Range13,334 km
Max Mach Operating SpeedM0.86
Max take-off weight251.00 tonnes
Max landing weight191.0 tonnes
Fuel capacity139,090 l
Max pallet number underfloor9 + 5 LD3

Amenities offered by A330-900

  1. In-Seat Power Outlet: Allowing passengers to charge their electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets during the flight. It typically consists of a universal power outlet located at each seat. That enables passengers to stay connected and productive while in the air.
  2. Flat Bed: This feature allows passengers to recline their seats fully, creating a comfortable and spacious flat bed for sleeping during long flights.
  3. USB In-Seat Power: In addition to a traditional power outlet, the A330-900 offers USB in-seat power. Enabling those who are travelling with a device to charge via USB, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  4. Satellite TV: This feature allows passengers to watch live television during their flight. It typically consists of a selection of channels that are available on a seatback screen or through a personal device, offering passengers a range of entertainment options to choose from.
  5. Personal Video feature: A330-900 offers personal video screens at each seat, allowing passengers to watch movies, TV shows, or other entertainment during the flight. This feature provides passengers with a high-quality, personalized entertainment experience, especially on long-haul flights.

Order of Delivery

Airbus conducted extensive market research to ensure the aircraft’s competitiveness and invested in both the technical and marketing aspects of the launch. The A330-900 received orders from airlines globally, and the first delivery was made in November 2018 to TAP Air Portugal. The A330-900 remains a popular choice for airlines looking for a reliable, efficient, and comfortable wide-body aircraft.


Airlines seek to find the right balance between passenger comfort and operational efficiency when selecting aircraft for their long-haul fleets. The Airbus A330-900, with its spacious cabin and modern amenities, alongside its fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements, appears to meet these criteria. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that the market demand for the A330-900 will be high.

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