Airbus A350-1000

Airbus A350-1000 is Changing the Game in Aviation.

Airbus A350-1000 is a brand-new design, and every component, including the interior, has been thoroughly tuned. The largest wide-body airliner in the industry, the A3

50-1000, can carry up to 350–410 people in a conventional three-class arrangement, with 40% of seats reserved for premium seating. 

Airbus 350-1000 is a success for several compelling factors such as extended range of 16,112 km, fuel efficiency increased by 25%, pleasant AirspaceTM cabin giving captivating in-flight experience, lowest operating cost per seat by lesser fuel consumption, cutting-edge technology by using composite materials for the structure, and focus on environmental sustainability by lowering carbon footprint.


Overall Length242 feet & 1.12 inch
Fuselage Width19.5 feet
Wing Span212.4 feet
Height56 feet
Three-Class Typical Configuration350-410
Maximum  Passenger Seating480
Maximum Range   16,112 km
Maximum Operating SpeedM0.89
Maximum Take-Off Weight319000 kg
Maximum Landing Eight236000 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight223000 kg
Maximum Fuel Capacity43324.2 gal

Aircraft with the longest fuselage

The fuselage of the A350-1000 is seven meters longer as compared to A350-900. It is propelled by the most effective big aero engines in the world, Trent XWB-97 turbofans from Rolls-Royce. It has an upgraded airframe design, bigger six-wheel main landing gear, and redesigned wing trailing edges.

A350-1000 Breaking Boundaries with Innovation

The airframe of the A350 is constructed using cutting-edge technologies like carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, demonstrating Airbus’ innovation. As A350-1000 uses 25% less gasoline than its rivals, it saves cost and has a low negative impact on the environment.

Experience the Unique Cabin of Airbus A350-1000

The A350 Family is renowned for its exceptional cabin design, highlighted by Airbus’ cutting-edge AirspaceTM concept, the cabin provides the most comfortable environment in the air, catering to both passengers and crew. Which prioritizes comfort, service, ambiance, and design. It features high ceilings, a continuous supply of fresh air every 2 to 3 minutes, sophisticated LED mood lighting, and vertical sidewalls.

It boasts the quietest twin-aisle cabin, and spacious seats, creating a stunning interior that minimizes jet lag. Passengers can enjoy contemporary amenities such as Wi-Fi access and on-demand films, providing a truly modern in-flight experience. Furthermore, the A350 Family offers the lowest operating cost per seat among wide-body aircraft, resulting in a 25% reduction in trip costs compared to previous-generation plane

Revolutionizing aviation with weight-saving techniques

The Airbus A350-1000 is a completely redesigned wide body that uses cutting-edge materials from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip to achieve a significant weight delta advantage. With the most efficient big aero engines, dependable systems, and cutting-edge aerodynamics, the A350 offers operators in the upper wide-body market segment 25% reduced operating costs.

The A350 Family’s advantage in 25% fuel consumption is directly related to the use of 70% advanced materials during design, which ensures the lowest OWE per seat.

These cutting-edge materials not only lighten the structure but also directly slash maintenance expenses where it counts. The risk of corrosion is eliminated throughout 70% of the airframe by the significant use of composite materials and titanium, and maintenance responsibilities are reduced by the structures made of fatigue-free carbon fiber.

Order and Deliveries of A350-1000

Airlines OrderedDeliveredOperations
Air Caribe’s433
Air lease corporation 86
British Airways181313
Cathay Pacific181818
Ethiopian Airlines4
Etihad Airways2055
French Bee2
Iran Air16
Japan Airlines13
Qantas Airways12
Qatar Airways191919
Virgin Atlantic Airways859
A350-1000s since, 31st December 2022

Total 140 ordered 69 delivered 69 In operation (A350-1000s) since, 31st December 2022

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